Who wants a Pearce of the action?

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Who saw the Mitchell Pearce press conference? Did anyone buy it or was it all stage-managed to try and restore his battered image? Obviously it was the latter.

I have seen posts on Facebook defending Pearce as a person, and not his recent actions. That’s great but for every 99 things he does right, the one thing he does wrong destroys in an instant any good will he may have earned for being charitable with his time.

In the age of social media there is nowhere to hide and your misdemeanors do not disappear into the ether. They will haunt you forever and you will be shamed and named and rightfully so. There will always be a camera and a person behind the camera who sees you as a short-term cash cow.

The media are in a blood lust when it comes to incidents such as these and while ever that blood lust continues, every you time you stuff up, you will not be able to escape like players did 20 years ago. As a politically correct nanny state, the media will hang you out to dry without mercy and the pseudo elite will cringe at you and the game and espouse the values (hypocritically I might add) of AFL to mothers who don’t want their precious sons and daughters to play a mugs game.

Seriously, would you want Mitchell Pearce at your next fund raiser? He’s quickly becoming persona non grata in the NRL and uncle Nick must be furious, assuming he’s had the sponsors in his ears not long after the story broke.

I don’t know the bloke but it’s obvious he has a serious problem with alcohol. I’ve debated this with friends who say he’s entitled to get on the cans and make an ass of himself and live to regret his actions. He’s only human they say. This is where I disagree. Sure, the average bogan Joe can do what he likes, as he’s hardly going to embarrass his employer along the way and cost his employer money through his stupidity. The same can’t be said for Pearce.

Sponsors value their brand and do not want their name associated with someone, who, as  the captain of his team and a 24/7 representative of his club, should have known better. At 26, your eyes should be on the road and not in the rear vision mirror looking at the antics of your past. There comes a time, when you are earning $750,000 per year that you have to grow up and act like a man. Tat’s the price of fame and fortune.

The fate of Pearce in the short-term rests with the NRL Integrity Unit and the public perception, rightly or wrongly is that Pearce needs a substantial punishment both on and off the field.

Let’s see if the Roosters and the NRL have the resolve to handle this in a manner befitting the crime and by that, I mean a year out of the game without pay at a minimum. His rep career is over, There is no question about that. The Roosters will be hurting by his absence much the way the Raiders were with Todd Carney and then Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson.

Let’s not forget that Pearce needs help and until he gets it and is rehabilitated, he does not deserve to be playing football at any level.



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  1. Brett Spinks says:

    I disagree what we’re doing is holding a group of people up to unrealistic standards that we don’t deem important enough to uphold ourselves. I’m sick of it being considered acceptable and even encouraged to have people act parasitically and cash in on an error in judgement, yes a pretty stupid error in judgement but still pretty innocuous, no one was hurt, no laws were broken, society can be so holier than thou and it is seriously doing my head in. What we are doing is saying a young man who has acted like a bit of a dick should lose his livelihood for doing something stupid and on the other hand reward, yes reward someone for being a parasite. What’s wrong with people? I’m not saying there shouldn’t be consequences for Pearce but they should at least be in line with the act itself. Anyway I truly hope the people that have been so parasitically opportunistic have some come upance themselves, they deserve nothing less.

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