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Welcome to NRLHUB.com, an exciting new website focusing on Rugby League from the NRL games down to the grassroots level. We will be taking a different approach in how we cover the greatest game of all and I think you’ll find it exciting and interesting.

We are average Joe’s just like you and have a great passion for Rugby League ignited by the best NRL games. We have years of experience covering Rugby League on the web and want to share that with you. We also want your opinions so if you want to have a voice, send us your opinion and so long as it’s not too extreme, we’ll publish for the world to view!

We are continually seeking to improve the information we offer our members about NRL games so that we can create a warm and welcoming environment for you. We are also looking for people to assist so if you would like to lend a hand please contact us at website@nrlhub.com


The NRL HUB Team