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For years, we have heard the angst from fans who believe Rugby League was a sideshow carnival when it came to radio coverage and they were right.

We now have a choice and the fans are loving it. I listen to Triple M in the mornings on the way to work and find the Grill Team hilarious. Matty, Gus and MG leave me in stitches. They have an NRL focus but cover the game with humour all the while still giving the listener great insights into the NRL’s current affairs with a more serious tone.

Triple M are also covering the games live and I was listening to the call of Newcastle and North Qld in the car last night with Dan Ginnane, Andrew Johns and Peter Sterling. The call was fast, accurate and insightful with a healthy does of laughter. It was refreshing to hear.

For years we have been subjected to one station having sole access to the broadcasting rights and they treated the rights as a joke!

I’m all for constructive feedback so my only suggestion is this. More Rugby League talk aside from the first ten minutes without the need to go on with all the self indulgent rubbish we have been subjected to. We couldn’t get a call of a game on Saturday night’s just an update every now and then. Poor form for the station who had the SOLE rights to call the game. After the 5.30 game tumbleweeds are not an acceptable alternative when there is still another game to go and in the past, two games.

Triple M have provide an expert team of commentators who know the game but can make it enjoyable through humour and precise commentary.

Geyer, M Johns, Worland, Sterling, A Johns, Girdler, Ginnane and Maroon represent what the fans want to hear. The formua is right and I hope they don’t tinker with it because it definitely ain’t broke, so there is nothing to fix.



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