The Shadow Knows…Nothing

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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well Jarryd Hayne should be quite chuffed to know that his perpetual understudy, Josh Dugan wants to follow Hayne to the NFL.

I usually try and get to 750 words when I post an article but Dugan isn’t worth my time and effort.

Josh Dugan, the fullback living in the shadow of Jarryd Hayne. He’s about as original as a re-run of M*A*S*H*. I wonder if Dugan is in Santa Clara already, stalking Hayne’s every move?

Dugan couldn’t crack the fullback spot for NSW when Hayne was around and never got the better of Hayne in League, nor does he have the physical or mental attributes to be successful in the NFL. That’s right. I’m calling it now. Dugan will come home with his tail between his legs. Who knows, he may tattoo a copy of the airline ticket on his other thigh to remind himself of how much he went through just to get on the plane to America.

Dugan will be a bust. I’m not talking Kate Upton style bust, I’m talking lack of talent style bust. There is nothing original about what he is doing and he’s not the one pioneering this kind of move. It’s all second hand stuff. He didn’t have the guts to give it a go until someone else blazed the trail.

Dugan doesn’t have Hayne’s speed and he certainly doesn’t have Hayne’s moves. Hayne also has a clean record in the eyes of the public. Dugan is a serial offender and I think whilst he is an above average league player, I don’t rate his abilities as a person so I doubt he has the courage and determination to stick with it.

In short, it’s a publicity stunt and a poor one at that. Lucky it’s th eoff-season so it gets minimal coverage in the media.

Stick to the breezers Duges, and leave the heavy lifting to the real men.

I also thought you had to pass some sort of character test to get into the U.S.? Dugan would need tutoring to pass that test.

There you go! 360 words and I have nothing left…



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