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I was chatting with my brother, who so happens to be a Queensland supporter (ask me how a NSW born and bred leaguie grows up to be a Queenslander? I suppose Greg Inglis did it…), about the reasons why Queensland have been so dominant for so long. Yes, I know they have a once in a generation team AND they have a potentially four immortals-in-waiting (if you include Lord Lockyer) AND they’ve managed to manipulate the scheduling in order to maintain a 2-1 home ground advantage over the last few years AND they are simply more passionate than we are AND…………. YAWWWWN. Sorry, where was I? That’s right. They are better than us in every respect. WRONG! They’re not the reasons why we keep losing. It’s you guys! The media. Can you, for the love of Wally Lewis, whoops, I meant God, PLEASE stop providing them with more fodder for canon. Stop waving that red flag in front of them. Stop giving them more amuniation to kick our collective blue butts!

Yes, my esteemed friends. The real reason why the Blues (how appropriately named…) keep losing is because the media keeps telling the Queenslanders they can’t win. In years gone by it was “Wally’s past his best”, “Alfie can’t come back from Super League and play like he used to”, “Fatty’s two bits squad can’t possibly compete with their more seasoned opponents”. They went on to win 3-0! This year it’s “The Queensland spine comprising of Billy Slater, Jonathon Thurston, Cooper Cronk and Cameron Smith are in poor form”. In poor form? Is this really Groundhog Day…again? Is this more dressing room poster stuff? Mal Meninga is considered a great man manager and motivator of his team. He doesn’t need to do anything but pin these articles on the dressing room wall! How hard is it to motivate them??? “Right, you four come over here. I’ve got an article I want you to read. They’re saying you’re out of form and all the stats point to Jarryd Hayne, Mitchell Pearce, James Maloney and Robbie Farah being in better form than you. Whatcha gonna do about it?”. How difficult is that? Furthermore, NSW are currently the betting favourites to win game 1. How did that happen? More motivation. “Hey boys, look at this. They’re favourites to win again..”. Haven’t they won the last 7 series? How can we be favourite???

I beg you. Media people. Give the Queenslanders their rightful kudos. Tell them they are The Greatest. It worked for Trevor Berbick against Muhammad Ali. Lure them into a false sense of security. Throw them into unchartered territory. They won’t know how to react. It’s our only hope. Please….. I can’t take another year of losing :-(

Jack Mitri (Desperate Blues Fan)




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