Origin 2: World Gone Mad

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What? Bill Shorten is supporting Rudd? Isn’t he a staunch Gillard supporter? “Et tu Brute?…”. Hewitt is losing to Dustin who? Hang on. Where’s Gus’ pre game Origin speech?? I’ve got war paint all over my fricken face and no pre game speech?? Seriously! Didn’t ANYONE tell the pollies that the most important sporting event in Australia is about to be staged? Couldn’t they wait one more day? Typical…ignorant b&*^ards! NO!! Sharapova out in round 2? what about the grunting? the panting? the moaning? Have they delayed the Origin kick off? What’s going on in that Caucus Room?? How hard is it to count? “Righto you lot. There’s an origin game in 30 minutes and the beer is ice cold. Now. How many of you in favour of the backstabber…I mean, Kevin Rudd? 1, 2, 3…..57. Perfect. You, Red Head. You’re out. You, blue tie git. You’re in. Let’s go..”. Federer struggling? Nahhh! Joe Wilfred out? They’re dropping like nine pins over there! Are they playing on grass or ice? Quick. Switch it over to the footy. No, No wait they’re about to announce the result of the political spill. Arrrgghhh! It’s only a lady walking out of the caucus room with a bloody mobile phone! OK. Switch it back to the footy. NEWSFLASH: Kevin Rudd Wins. Thank Crikey! Now we can watch something we actually care about!

Honestly. Did anyone really think we (as in, the Blues) had a hope in hell? 4 penalties in 7 minutes. 2 tries and 14-0 up in 18minutes. Game. Set….

How do we assess the game? QLD way too good. Far more intense. Far too clever. Their superstars can’t possibly play 2 bad games in succession. Yes. The preparation for NSW wasn’t ideal. In fact, it was disastrous. First Hayne’s injury. Then Tamou. Then Ferguson. Then that dreaded round about! Who put that round about there? As for the fight. I believe Merrin should’ve been sent off for throwing a fairy punch. That was the girliest punch I’ve ever seen. Let’s just hope he’s a lover…

I know the world has gone mad, but why has the NRL over-reacted to a few men standing toe to toe in the most combatitive of arenas? The single most important sporting event on the Australian sporting calendar has descended into a farce by sending four players to the sin bin. 11 on 11. let’s just change the shape of the ball to “round” and start playing that other game! I was in a room with children of all ages as well as adults who aren’t what you call “core footy supporters” but the loudest cheer of the night was when all the players converged for the melee. Not for one second am I condoning violence. But this game is promoted as war between states. From the moment Artie laid one on the Crow’s chin in 1980, Origin has been predicated on the principle of State v State, Mate v Mate. It’s what we all secretly want. Passion. Fire. Hatred. I don’t want senseless all in brawls. I don’t want cheap shots. I LOATHE the wrestling! But I don’t mind, from time to time, two grown men standing toe to toe. It’s all part of the folklore or, in commercial speak, the Brand. So, why send four players off and tarnish the spectacle? Merrin should’ve been marched. The others stay. No fuss. Game back on.

What does NSW do for Game 3? Don’t panic! If Hayne is fit, he goes to right wing. QLD’s left side comprising Thurston/Inglis/Boyd has been lethal over the past 7 years. 65% of their points come from that side. Haven’t we learnt? They are masters at forcing the right winger to make decisions and our winger invariably gets it wrong. Just ask Nathan Merrit, Akuile Uate, David Williams etc… Hayne has played right wing and does read the game well (I am assuming Ferguson has bigger issues than Origin to deal with). Dugan stays. He was good. Obviously Merrit goes. Tamou back in for Aaron Woods. Tim Grant in for Reynolds. That’s it. And PLEASE boys. NO MORE OFF-FIELD DRAMA’S! There was enough of that last night…

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