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Barba / Greenburg – are they in trouble?

Should Ben Barba be sanctioned for the alleged incident involving his partner Ainslee Currie? My view is – if there is sufficient evidence that he, in fact, assaulted his partner, then it shouldn’t matter whether Ms Currie presses charges. The NRL has a moral obligation to make a stance on the issue of violence against women. If (and that’s a big IF) Barba is found guilty of violence, then an automatic 12 months deregistration of his contract should be imposed. If no sanction is imposed, then there will always be the stench of injustice. Questions will always remain about the photo published in the Daily Telegraph as well as the various reported text messages.

As for Todd Greenburg, the only thing he did wrong was not reporting the incident to the NRL. That showed a lack of governance from a person of his stature in the game. The NRL made it clear after the Ben Teo incident that all incidents involving abuse against women MUST to be reported immediately. Greenburg knew that, yet failed to notify, not only the NRL, but also the Broncos club who signed Barba without the knowledge of the incident. I believe Greenburg needs to be held accountable otherwise the integrity of the game is at stake.

The burning question remains: who leaked the photo/texts and why? I’ve heard the rumours….let me know yours!

Mundine and Ferguson Dumb and Dumber act

Did anyone see the interview involving Anthony Mundine and Blake Ferguson? What was going on there? That was embarrassing, perplexing and just plain bizarre. Granted that Mundine is the master of publicity stunts and, yes, he’s got us talking again, but honestly, muzzling Blake Ferguson just made him look even dumber than he is already perceived. That was the most ridiculous interview I have ever seen. Or maybe it was the best? Not letting Ferguson speak could actually be a good thing for all of us. My mail is Ferguson will not be playing NRL next year, but instead, he will take up boxing. Hopefully, someone knocks some sense into him…

Is Ricky going or staying?

Can you honestly blame him for leaving? That Parramatta board is an absolute shambles and hopefully, Ricky leaving is cause for fans to oust the whole lot of them. There are more factions in that club than than a crossword puzzle. The great Jack Gibson once said that the team can’t be successful on the field unless they get their act right off it. Can you imagine what Jack Gibson would think of the current board situation? The only way forward for the Eels is to bring out the gigantic broom, get rid of the lot of them and replace them with a new, independent and business minded board. Perhaps privatising the club may be the only solution. Fans, speak up!

Rabbitohs v Roosters Blockbuster

I can’t wait for Friday night! Anyone thinking that these two teams will be holding back and saving their best efforts for the semi finals, better think again. These guys ooze competitiveness. They are playing their arch enemies and, as with all local derbies, this promises to have everything. The script could not be more perfect. 1st v 2nd playing for the minor premiership, Sonny v Sammy (that alone justifies the price of admission), the current NSW halfback v next years halfback, the Burger Brothers, sell out crowd…. I CAN’T WAIT! If only that ridiculous shoulder charge rule can be put on hold for one game. Can you imagine what Sonny and Sammy would do to each other! I’m tipping Sammy will make “Susie” proud and lead the Rabbits to victory. Either way, Beau Ryan will have plenty of material for the Footy Show…

Mad Monday must be banned?

The first thing we need to do with Mad Monday is change the bloody name. Calling it “Mad” Monday is almost inviting trouble. Who turns up to a “Toga Party” in a suit? I’m all for players letting off steam and having a bit of fun but we really need to draw the line at setting dwarfs on fire! Ok, which one of you didn’t have a little chuckle when you found out what happened? St Kilda, hang your heads in shame…….OK, I can’t keep a straight face. Honestly, has there ever been a year when some sort of controversy hasn’t arisen from Mad Monday celebrations? The media know it. That’s why they’re willing to hire helicopters to try and get some happy snaps. We’re as much to blame. Secretly, we want to see our idols dress up in ladies clothes. Maybe not. Either way, if you want to eliminate the risk of wrong doing then surely you simply ban it? Just do what the Swans do. Get together at a local restaurant and have some quiet drinks under careful supervision. No fuss. No mess. No dwarf burnings.

ASADA Investigations

Hands up if you’re getting bored with the whole saga! Honestly, I don’t want to hear anything until, and if, something concrete comes about after the investigations. Enough said.



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