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As sure as the sun rose in the east yesterday, the Raiders again inflicted pain on the hapless Dragons in Canberra last night. Seriously, we all knew it was coming.

The Raiders, playing like busteds for the opening two rounds, rose from the ashes and defeated the Dragons 30-17 to leave them winless with the New Zealand Warriors after three rounds. The Dragons have not won in Canberra since July 2000. That’s quite a streak and it doesn’t look like ending any time soon. I think it is now part of the Dragons psyche to believe they simply cannot win in Canberra.

It’s hard to tell if the win says more about the Raiders or the loss more about the Dragons. Both teams are down on confidence and Jamie Soward’s half time field goal to take them to 6-5 was a little embarrassing to be honest. It summed up the Dragons mindset to kick a field goal when you are trailing. In the end it made no difference to the outcome of the match. The field goal was about the only thing I can remember Soward contributing to the game.

The s.o.s to camp Dugan will be bellowing out from Kogarah but even if they get him, he will not be enough. He will add something but I’m not sure sure what it is and there is every chance he could bail if the Dragons remain at the wrong end of the table. He is that type of guy.

Steve Price is not the answer and I think he knows that. There needs to be a mass purge of under performing players, coaches and front office staff. The Dragons need to start afresh with a new mindset. Easier said than done with a club like the Dragons. Management are old boys who are rusted on, which makes them even harder to get rid of. Do you see anyone falling on their sword for the good of the club?

2010 seems like an eternity and it’s remarkable how far the Dragons have fallen in such a short space of time. Unless drastic changes are made, the Dragons will continue their free fall into the abyss and it’s hard to see who or what can arrest the free fall.

The Dragons face a very tough Sharks side this weekend and it’s hard to see the Dragons getting up in the local derby with the side they are putting on the field each week. 0-4 could be the death knell for Price and the season already over. It’s not about the players not wanting to put in for Price. They simply aren’t good enough to compete with stronger teams and there is no short term fix.

If not for the Warriors, you could hand the Dragons the spoon now. They are that bad.

Another year, another failed trip down the Hume. What more needs to be said? It’s now a generational thing.



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