Grand Finals Should go to Melbourne or Brisbane

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Mike Baird, you have lost me. I’m a long time Liberal voter but you have turned Sydney into an international laughing stock!

As a result of your nanny state rules and tyrannical approach to governing NSW, the NRL Grand Final should hit the road and move to Melbourne, where they have culture and know hot to put on a sporting event. I could even handle it going to Brisbane, although Suncorp Stadium is far too small to host the grand final at only 52,000 capacity.

The lockout laws don’t apply to ANZ Stadium (and the surrounding precinct) but it seems in his lust for power, Baird will go to any length to stop the people of Sydney actually trying to enjoy themselves. Prepare yourself Sydney, Baird, Scipione and his gestapo are out to get you!

The “Footloose” approach, as some have labelled it, is making Sydney a laughing stock internationally. There are stories every day about what the police are doing to stop people from having a good time. Restaurant and bar closures are abundant in Darlinghurst and Kings Cross. Mike Baird, you are killing our culture. You seem more concerned about unnecessary council amalgamations and appeasing minorities rather than tackling the issue via other means instead of lazy legislation.

This also has the stench of a moral crusade and invading our lives to tell us that wee need to stay indoors to avoid anti social behaviour.

After recently travelling abroad, I visited New York and Las Vegas. Two very vibrant towns and both are open all hours, seven days a week. Neither are subject to the ludicrous laws Sydney is currently facing.

Sydney is also in dire need of a make over. It looks dingy and dirty. Circular Quay is nothing short of disgraceful and I’d be interested to know why someone would bring a family to Sydney. The two main train stations (Town Hall and Wynyard) are filthy. Parts of Pitt Street are disgusting to walk through.

What is it that would attract someone to Sydney? This once sparkling jewel has lost its lustre. There is nothing here for a visiting family to see outside the bridge and Opera house. However, would you travel 12,000 km’s just to see that?

I also traveled to Melbourne last year for State of Origin, and I had a ball. I had plenty to drink but at no time did I feel unsafe or threatened. I actually felt like I was in a different country, although I was only an hour away from Sydney.

Sure, I am using Rugby League as a segway to attack the current government, but they deserve it. I’m not sure what they want as the end result, but based on where we are at the moment, it ain’t gonna be pretty. Seriously though, jobs are being lost and the economy suffers as a result and I fear the current laws will extend across the state but exclude Sydney’s Star Casino and the soon to be completed Crown Casino? Why is that Mike?

Imagine a grand final week in Melbourne, where fans get behind the game unlike Sydney’s transient population that are fair weather and at times undeserving of such an event.

If my Raiders ever made a grand final and it was held in Melbourne, I’d be in the car and down the Hume for grand final week. It would be awesome. If it was in Sydney, I’d be subject to curfews and sipping tap water. Give me a Matso’s any day!

Prohibition is imminent and I for one will be opening a speak easy, I just can’t tell you where it is. Anyone know a good jazz band?



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