Furner Could Be Next

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Could be or should be?The Raiders currently have a points differential of -58 after only two rounds. Pathetic when you think about it.

What seems obvious is Furner has lost the respect of the playing group and after two rounds, the Raiders are running dead last and don’t look like winning any time soon. It’s hard to hear the old lines that are trotted out on a weekly basis. This is a team with no heart and no guts. Leadership starts at the top and Furner has hardly been inspiring through the first two rounds.

The biggest issue is there are no worthwhile replacements available. Another season gone to hell after only two rounds. Two rounds! What a farce!

What I saw today gave new meaning to the word inspid. It was embarrassing in the extreme. There was no urgency and no desire. There was no leadership. The display was worthy of a pub side running dead last, not professional athletes.

There is simply no point focusing on who was the worst today but rather focus on who actually had a dig and it’s a very short list. Reece Robinson and Shaun Fensom would be the only two players who earnt their salary today. The rest were a disgrace!

Why would Josh Papalii sign on to play under such an uninspiring coach and that’s the nicest thing I can say about Furner. I’ve given myself a few hours to calm down but my contempt for Furner has hit an all time high. The press conference are painful to sit through and nothing ever changes. That’s the most frustrating part. There are no consequences for poor performance at any level. Not from management down to the players. The inmates are running the asylum.

I guess there is still Origin to look forward to.

Thanks Dave. Another year of what might have been.



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