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I won’t disguise my lack of positive feeling for the Tigers but I do feel sorry for them when it comes to public enemy number one, aka Adam Blair.

Blair is persona non grata in Rugby League circles. He joined the Tigers on big money in 2012 and was their marquee signing. Some viewed as a hard man, I viewed him as a grub on the field. A serial offender on the field with chicken wing tackles. He comes across as malicious and plays with the intent to deliberately hurt other players. There’s a difference between hard and grubby.

It was evident early on last season that Blair was a mercenary of the worst kind. One prepared to take the filthy lucre but wasn’t prepared to earn it. His socks down approach told me everything I needed to know about Adam Blair.

It would be fair to say he has added nothing to the Tigers since joining them last season. That’s being too kind to Blair. I say he has made them worse and was playing on reputation, coming from a Melbourne side full of superstars. Well, three at least.

There is now talk of the Tigers trying to find a solution to part ways with Blair and rid themselves of his exorbitant salary (500k per year) that he has done nothing to earn. The problem for the Tigers is, they will find it difficult to land a suitor. Who would want him? Maybe he can return to Melbourne under Bellamy and right a lot of wrongs but I think his best chance would be to fleece some ESL club for a few hundred grand and top up his retirement fund.

Personally, I think the game is better off without one Adam Blair.

Caveat Emptor I say!



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