Drugs In Sport

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The use of drugs in sport has been making headline news in all major media outlets over the past few weeks.

Have we as a society subconsciously encouraged this practice in professional sport?

As a society we are driven by results and this is made apparent by watching clubs hire and fire coaches and players due to lack of performance midway through seasons. We all want our teams to be competitive each year and to make the semi finals in our chosen code and or even better still win that sacred premiership. So with a greater push for success teams need to have their first grade line up fit and ready to do battle each and every week.

So with this added pressure of success placed on coaches and players have we encouraged the possible use of performance enhancing drugs so players will be fit and make that much awaited comeback sooner rather than later?

We hear rumours of players returning from injuries sooner on radio or social media and we think is this possible. But when the story is broken on the news we are rubbing our hands together and thinking will my team be holding up the trophy on grand final day. But we will also be thinking how have they recovered so quickly from such a serious injury.

Is this also showing flaws with ASADA and that they are possibly a few years behind drug cheats




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