Bacardi Geezer’s Should Go (Updated)

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If you don’t know who I’m talking about then I will enlighten you, it’s Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson.

This heavily tatooed pair of wannabe “superstars”are up to their old tricks again. Both have been photographed drinking after Sunday’s dismal loss to the Panthers. The only surprise is Sandor Earl is nowhere to be seen.

Dugan sustained a rib injury and the Raiders policy is no player is to consume alcohol whilst injured, making Dugan look a bigger goose than he already is. Both Dugan and Ferguson by their own admission are considered senior players by the Raiders but treat the club, the fans and their team mates with absolute contempt.

Dugan was playing poorly before the injury on Sunday and Ferguson was actually playing quite well but why the need to a. drink after the game? and b. advertise to all and sundry? Who are you trying to impress? I’m a Raiders fans and I’m certainly not impressed.

If the club is to sanction punishment, I would consider tearing up Dugan’s contract, effective immediately. We did the same with Todd Carney and the team survived. It will certainly survive without Dugan. He’s a part time player at best and the Raiders would be lucky to get 10 games a year out of him.

His performance doesn’t justify the pay packet.

Ferguson should be suspended for at least six games without pay and see if the adjustment attitude that is needed can be found whilst performing community service.

Dugan’s departure would free up much needed money to re-sign players who actually want to be at the club.

A tough decision is needed by Raiders management. Do they have the resolve to make it happen?

Josh Dugan will be stood down this afternoon by Raiders management. David Furner will be holding a press conference at 4pm AEDT to address the media regarding the matter.



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