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Devastating news regarding Alex McKinnon

0 Submitted by on Mon, 31 March 2014, 23:58
When the official word coming from the Newcastle Knights described the Alex McKinnon situation as a “devastating spinal injury”, no one, in their right mind, was prepared for the news that was to follow. This afternoon Channel Nine revealed Knights player Alex Mckinnon was declared, by medical staff, a “quadriplegic” (which refers to the paralysis of the body usually caused Continue Reading...
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Outrageous comments!

0 Submitted by on Fri, 28 March 2014, 21:26
Is it me or does controversy in sport tend to occur in clumps? As soon as one player transgresses in a social mishap, the next thing you know, others are jumping on the bandwagon. Over the past 24 hours, I’ve heard three comments from reputable sources which have, to say the least, left me somewhat dumbfounded. Did I hear our Continue Reading...
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The Financial Future of Alex McKinnon?

0 Submitted by on Fri, 28 March 2014, 11:32
In light of the tragic accident that befell Newcastle Knights forward Alex McKinnon against Melbourne, the uncomfortable truth needs to be revealed about his possible (financial) future, post his recovery....
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Concussion repercussions

0 Submitted by on Wed, 26 March 2014, 01:29
What do we make of the new NRL concussion rule? Is it an over-reaction by the NRL? Is it merely the flavour of the month? A passing phase, as it were? Is the game at risk of becoming over sanitised by accommodating the minority? Or, is it a legitimate concern for player welfare and the NRL needs to do a Continue Reading...
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Hayne Rant Highlights The Haves and Have Nots

0 Submitted by on Tue, 25 March 2014, 10:56
There I was on Sunday afternoon, watching an improbable upset unfold at Brookvale oval until Jarred Maxwell decided to listen to Jamie Buhrer and check a potential high tackle on Daly Cherry-Evans after a line drop out had been decided by the referees....
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Campo,Your Time Has Come

0 Submitted by on Mon, 24 March 2014, 14:35
Anyone who watched last nights game between the Titans and the Raiders would be in complete agreement with me regarding the form of Terry Campese....
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Early Bolters For NSW

0 Submitted by on Wed, 19 March 2014, 10:13
Yes folks, it’s that time again! Over the coming weeks all the attention will be drawn into Rugby League’s biggest annual event, State of Origin....
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0 Submitted by on Fri, 07 March 2014, 13:55
By Jeff Wall I am sorry my first column for the 2014 season has to be a negative one – but less than 24 hours into the season i feel let down and cheated already!...
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Jacko’s fearless predictions 2014.

0 Submitted by on Wed, 05 March 2014, 23:13
“About bloody time!”. That’s the common catch cry being echoed by thousands of rugby league fans across Australia. Although I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Aussies pound the Poms into submission during the recent Ashes test series during the summer and, yes, I love watching my Western Sydney Wanderers, nothing quite surpasses the ultimate quest for the holiest of holy sporting Continue Reading...
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